miche@inlinedesignphoto.com Photo By: Bryan Weiss

Photo By: Bryan Weiss

My name is Michelle and my journey into the world of photographic creativity began some years ago with an unexpected act of kindness. A friend, stepping up to a new model camera, gifted me with his old Nikon. Neither one of us realized what would happen next..

The photography bug bit me and it bit me hard.

Now, here I am – three upgraded Nikon models later – still bitten.

Initially, I volunteered my time and expanding skills to take adoption photographs of dogs rescued by Speaking of Dogs Rescue. As time passed, word-of-mouth promotion gave me a list of loyal clients who come to me not just for canine portraits, but human too, as well as sports action and product photography.

Which is not to say that my photographic repertoire is limited to these subjects. A perusal of my photo gallery will, I hope, show three things: first, that my range of genres has grown comprehensively through the years; second, that I obtain a special, personal joy from working with my canine friends; and third, that my journey through the world of photographic creativity has no specific destination – it’s all about the wonderful sights I’m seeing, and capturing, along the way.

Contact me at miche@inlinedesignphoto.com and let’s make some visual magic.