Rescue Dogs

Now and then - Compare and contrast

Dog adoption photos for a local rescue was my in road into pet photography. I will admit I was always worried, that I would finish the shoot with a car full of puppies. In fact, my brother met me at the front door after my first shoot, to see if I brought home any souvenirs.

This was Luna or at least that was her name when we met. She was one of the first rescues I photographed for Speaking of Dogs. I often wonder how she is doing now. I can’t speak for any other rescue photographer but each dog I photograph becomes mine, in some little way.

My abilities to finish my work has improved by leaps and bounds, as the above images of Luna illustrate. Although I remember at the time being quite proud of that initial image.

My current goal with my clients is to educate. There is a difference between a picture of your furry loved one and wall art. My business is wall art, I don’t want to just photograph your pet, I want to provide you with a piece for your wall that evokes emotion. That reminds you of a special day, a special time or reminds you of someone who couldn’t ‘stay’ any longer.

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