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Dogs that go splash!!

I made it out to New’bark’et 2019, which is a dog festival held in Newmarket, Ontario. There was a variety of events scheduled for people and their fur kids to enjoy. There was a pool open for canine swimming, there was a lure course and tons of vendors with everything your dog could ever need. One of my favourite events on the day was the Aqua Dogs Dock Jumping Competition.

Trying to capture the dogs mid flight was a challenge. First of all each dog has a different style and that makes them unpredictable. Some dogs explode off the end of the dock like a missile with hardly any hang time while others will spring off the dock and bounce into the stratosphere. So when I get that perfect shot, that dog frozen in time and space, I am more than a little proud of myself.

If you have never seen a dock diving competition you really need to, it is a blast. Dock diving does not seem to be limited to any particular breed, as long as the dog likes to jump and swim they are good to go. However, Aussie Shepherds, Border Collies and Retrievers are usually well represented.

In Go Long, the discipline I was there for, the dog leaps off the dock and is scored on how far he or she travels from the base of the dock. The distance is measured from the end of the dock to the base of the competitors tail. The handlers have one of two ways to encourage their pup into the water. They can either launch the toy in and have the dog go get it or throw the toy in front of a dog racing along the dock.

Along with high flying acrobatics you are guaranteed to see at least one dog slam on the brakes at the dock edge. Each handler has a minute to verbally encourage their dog into the pool or try a restart in order to come away with some measure of a score. But there are some days the dog just isn’t having it and he or she will stand on the edge and bark or pace around frantically, trying to figure out how to get their toy back without getting wet.

But whether they go in or not every competitor gets some love from their handler as they are lead off the dock.

Now and then - Compare and contrast

Dog adoption photos for a local rescue was my in road into pet photography. I will admit I was always worried, that I would finish the shoot with a car full of puppies. In fact, my brother met me at the front door after my first shoot, to see if I brought home any souvenirs.

This was Luna or at least that was her name when we met. She was one of the first rescues I photographed for Speaking of Dogs. I often wonder how she is doing now. I can’t speak for any other rescue photographer but each dog I photograph becomes mine, in some little way.

My abilities to finish my work has improved by leaps and bounds, as the above images of Luna illustrate. Although I remember at the time being quite proud of that initial image.

My current goal with my clients is to educate. There is a difference between a picture of your furry loved one and wall art. My business is wall art, I don’t want to just photograph your pet, I want to provide you with a piece for your wall that evokes emotion. That reminds you of a special day, a special time or reminds you of someone who couldn’t ‘stay’ any longer.

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